The iPhone will finally be able to fully leverage NFC in iOS 11

Apple is expected to widely expand the NFC abilities of iPhones beyond Apple Pay in iOS 11, through opening the feature up to developers.

Though iPhones newer than the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have been able to use NFC for Apple Pay transactions, the Cupertino Company has largely left the feature alone as new versions of iOS have progressed.
Now, thanks to a new extension dubbed Core NFC, iOS developers will be able to access NFC and include the ability to read NFC tags in their apps within iOS 11.
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PhoneArena reports that iPhones such as the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be able to open certain apps and change specific settings upon coming into contact with an NFC tag – for example, consumers might be able to leverage an NFC tag to garner more information on store products available for purchase.
Cybersecurity company WISeKey offered that iOS 11 could offer interesting new implications for trade, explaining that brands could leverage NFC to issue personalized messages to consumers based on their personal interaction with products.
Developers will be able to leverage the technology in iOS 11 for integration with their own apps or services –  though it remains unlikely that we’ll see the feature in wide use for at least some time, given that retailers and brands will have to create and use NFC tags themselves.
The end implication is that NFC will play a far larger role on Apple’s iPhone models in the future – though, puzzlingly, there has been little word on whether the company’s forthcoming anniversary iPhone would include an NFC chipset.
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