The midas touch: Google's Chrome OS gets a new, Android-style makeover

A new report has revealed that Google’s Chrome OS could soon inherit a new, Android-style interface that prioritizes touch.

Google’s Chrome OS has been the subject of some interesting updates in recent months; most notably the platform now has the ability to run Android apps, which has vastly increased its reach and abilities. Now, as spotted by Engadget, both Chrome OS and Android could come together in another meaningful way.
Engadget reports that Chrome OS could soon inherit an Android-style interface that will prioritise the use of touch on the platform. The update, which is live now on Chrome OS’ experimental Canary channel, offers users a glimpse of what Chrome OS might look like in the future.
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What’s present? Users with a touchscreen-equipped Chromebook will be able to tap directly into a Google search box or swipe up to reveal a grid showing all installed apps. Suggested apps will show in a dock, enabling users to quickly get to grips with whichever app they want to launch.

The update shows an interesting change of priority for Google, which has traditionally geared Chrome OS for use with a mouse or trackpad. However, given the surprising popularity of the platform in the United States and the fact that certain Chromebooks can now run Android apps, it would seem clear that Google is prepared to widen the system’s reach as far as possible to entice new users to adopt it as their vehicle of choice.
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What are your thoughts? Do you like Google’s touch-based redesign of Chrome OS, or does it deviate too greatly from the original vision of the platform? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!
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