Could WhatsApp's camera get its own Night Mode?

New reports have revealed that WhatsApp’s camera feature may soon benefit from a Night Mode designed to assist in taking detailed images in low light.

WhatsApp may soon benefit from a night mode, though it may not, unfortunately, be the feature you’re expecting.
While Twitter fiends might rejoice at the prospect of a night mode for WhatsApp – which traditionally converts the white of a user interface into deep blues or dark blacks to reduce eye strain late at night – it would seem that the Facebook-owned service will first inherit a dedicated night mode for its in-app camera.
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Similar to Snapchat’s implementation of the feature, WhatsApp’s camera might soon leverage a night mode feature to enhance the quality of images taking in low light scenarios – a prospect that may further extend to the ability to make in-app video calls. The presence of a low-light night mode might well serve to minimise noise and distortion in pictures and video, and bolster the brightness of captured images.
The feature might be one of the most significant updates to arrive on the platform yet, and could be a timely addition thanks to WhatsApp’s recent push into both Snapchat-style image editing and the presence of its own Stories feature, dubbed Status.
Though the news might be welcomed by late-night snappers, it will likely leave serial texters pining for the addition of a true, Twitter-style night mode to better relieve eye strain.
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What are your thoughts? Do you feel WhatsApp’s camera needs its own night mode, or does the app’s interface desperately need the kind of solution Twitter has implemented before it? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!
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