Apple unveiled the original iPhone ten years ago today

Ten years ago, on June 29th of 2007, Steve Jobs unveiled Apple’s first iPhone – revolutionizing the mobile electronics industry.

It’s difficult to imagine where our lives would be without the mobile technology we’ve come to rely on each and every day, and it’s perhaps poignant to note that the first – and perhaps most notable – steps on that journey took place ten years ago today when late Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the very first iPhone on June 29th, 2007.
The original iPhone arrived with all but one promise; it was an iPod, a phone, and an internet communicator – and for the first time three separate devices came together to represent the smartphone as we know and use it today. Of course, it helped that the iPhone – with a 3.5″ touch-sensitive display – stood out amongst its keyboard jockey rivals and some of the most popular phones up until that point.
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While it was predicted that the iPhone would fail miserably, the device proceeded to sell in its millions; cementing Apple as a giant in the mobile space and serving as the catalyst for other introductions such as the iPad, and accessory products such as the Apple Watch and later, AirPods.
Apple is widely expected to offer up an anniversary device later this year, which could come to represent one of the most seismic breaks in form factor the company’s mobile range has yet experienced; including the long-awaited advent of an edge-to-edge display. Rumours abound, however, that the product could in some way resemble Apple’s original iPhone through the adoption of a stainless steel bumper.
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What are your thoughts? How was your world been shaped by the announcement of the iPhone ten years ago? We want to know – sound off in the comments below!
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