Facebook unveils new tools to stop profile picture theft

Facebook has unveiled a new profile photo guard in a bid to prevent the wanton theft of its user’s profile pictures for fraudulent purposes.

Facebook has committed itself to fighting a problem that may not be foremost in everyone’s minds; profile picture theft. To that end, the company’s newest feature, dubbed the profile photo guard, adds a new lawyer of protection for users concerned about where their avatar on the service might eventually end up.
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Presently limited to India, Facebook’s profile photo guard offers users five layers of protection; the utility allows users to disable the ability for others to share and download their image on both Facebook and Messenger, and prevents Android users from taking screenshots of a user’s profile and hence extrapolating the image.
Further, when profile photo guard is enabled, users won’t be able to tag themselves in a profile picture, and lastly Facebook has committed to adding both a blue shield and an overlay of crafted patterns to prevent the image being used elsewhere or significantly doctored.

Facebook’s initial tests of the feature has focussed on female users in India; the company has reported that preliminary testing shows that images with an extra design layer are 75% less likely to be copied.
The social media company announced that it had partnered with designer Jessica Singh to create additional image layers based upon Indian textile designs such as bandhani and kantha.
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What are your thoughts? Would you be interested in using Facebook’s profile photo guard if the feature expanded to other regions around the world? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!
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