WhatsApp might soon enable users to recall messages after they've been sent

According to rumour, WhatsApp may soon activate the ability for users to recall text messages, videos and more after they’ve been sent.

Following on from reports earlier this year which indicated that WhatsApp has been developing a means for users to ‘unsend’ text messages, a new rumour has indicated that WhatsApp may soon allow users to recall not only text messages, but further images, videos, and documents.
The feature – officially dubbed ‘Recall’ – is apparently included in the code for version 2.17.30 of the instant messaging app, and will apparently be enabled at a later date by the company.
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Version 2.17.30 has made landfall on the iOS App Store, though the update has yet to arrive on the Google Play Store; meaning that WhatsApp may well be waiting to seed the update widely before activating the feature.
While the specifics of the feature remain as of yet undisclosed, it has been reported previously that WhatsApp may allow users to recall messages up until they have been marked ‘Read’ – that is, undelivered and delivered messages (one grey tick and two grey ticks, accordingly) might be eligible for recall.
Recalling a message would apparently delete either a text message, image, video, or document from a party’s chat history – a first for the service, which has previously offered no other way for users to recall or fully delete a particular item from a chat.
At present, users can delete individual text messages, though the change only reflects on their WhatsApp account; a conversing party will still be able to see it.
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What are your thoughts? Do you feel you’d use WhatsApp’s new recall feature should it be released? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!
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