Ethereum briefly eclipses Bitcoin in Google Search as rapid growth continues

Ethereum has briefly overtaken Bitcoin in Google Search term popularity as the cryptocurrency continues to show enormous growth.

Ethereum today reached a significant new milestone by briefly eclipsing Bitcoin as one of the leading requests made in Google Search; indicating that interest abounds as the cryptocurrency continues to show staggering growth when measured against other rival cryptocurrencies.
Core Media reports that while Bitcoin has since maintained its presence as a leading search term, Ethereum has successfully cemented itself as one of the most popular searches in the United States, United Kingdom, and Singapore.
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The news emerges following Ethereum’s stunning growth, which has seen the cryptocurrency grow over 4650% since January of 2017; in contrast, Bitcoin has grown just 177%. The former currency is now valued at $380 USD at the time of writing, and has amassed a market cap of $36 billion USD – some 80% of Bitcoin’s total market cap.
Ethereum has further toppled Bitcoin’s market dominance – reducing the latter’s share of the market from 87% to 39% as of January 14th. Ethereum itself has grown from just 4.5% of the market to a whopping 31.38%.
Ethereum’s rapid growth has been widely attributed to several factors – chiefly, the creation of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance consortium and the growth of Initial Coin Offering campaigns that are held through the Ethereum network each week.
It remains to be seen at what point the Ether bubble might pop, though given the upsurge in Search interest and the massive gains made by alt-currencies in recent weeks, it would seem as if Bitcoin now has a steady challenger to contend with.
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