Could Google's next Pixel phones get Apple-style custom processors?

Google has hired one of Apple’s processor designers – hinting that the company might be ready to produce its own chips for use in a Pixel smartphone.

Apple has two major strengths; first is the iPhone, and second is its emerging processor business. While Google has already taken aim at the former with the advent of the Pixel and Pixel XL, the company could now be gunning for the latter.
A new report has revealed that Manu Gulati – an SoC (system on chip) architect who has previously worked at AMD, Broadcom, and Apple – has now been hired by Google to serve as a “lead SoC architect”
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Gulati is acclaimed for his work at Apple, which has now become a challenging force in the market thanks to not only mobile processors, but further custom chipsets such as the W10 processor found in the company’s new AirPods.
The news indicates that Google might be considering a larger entry into the hardware market; while the company has relied on third-party manufacturers to produce them, the Pixel and Pixel XL stand as unique smartphones considering that they are the first units to carry Google’s branding.
The fact that Google has hired Gulati might well indicate that any hardware the firm may produce in the future might well sport a custom processor – the Mountain View firm is alleged to be mulling the production of two new Google Pixel units, indicating that we might well see a Google-branded processor in the future.
Another – perhaps less likely -scenario is that Google is seeking to create anSoC to power AI, as Apple has similarly been tipped to be creating a gestalt chipset for the purpose of handling a refined version of Siri.
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Source: Variety