WhatsApp gets new colour filters, quick reply shortcut

A new WhatsApp update for iOS has given users the ability to add colour filters to photos, videos, and GIFs, as well as a quick reply shortcut.

WhatsApp has enjoyed a quieter 2017 relative to the bumper slew of updates that the platform received in 2016, and now the service has benefitted from a series of smaller updates found on its iOS client.
WhatsApp for iOS now accommodates five new colour filters that users can employ to add to their photos, videos, or GIFs – the feature enables users to apply a particular filter by swiping through the five available presets.
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The addition is somewhat reminiscent of Snapchat’s filters, though WhatsApp hasn’t – as yet – added anything on the scale of the former platform’s World Lenses.
Another small tweak which has debuted this morning is the presence of a quick reply shortcut that will enable users to respond to specific messages. While the system presently relies on a user holding down on a particular message and hiting the respond key, users will now be able to respond to any message by simply swiping left.
Lastly, a final change to arrive on the platform is aimed at users who recieve a great deal of photos through the service; in its latest update, WhatsApp will now group together photos issued by one sender in a row.
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The changes are found in the latest version of WhatsApp for iOS – version 2.17.30 – and no clarity has yet been offered as to when Android users will recieve the same features.
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