South Africa is set to get its own WhatsApp drama, Uk’shona Kwelanga

South Africans are set to receive a new opportunity to watch a new, seven-part drama series called Uk’shona Kwelanga unfold over WhatsApp.

South Africans seem to have a few unilateral loves; among them, soap operas and WhatsApp. In exciting news, both of those platforms are set to come together in a new seven-part drama called Uk’shona Kwelanga.
Reuters reports that the episodic series, written by Bongi Ndaba of Generations, will be told through WhatsApp and media such as videos, pictures, voice notes, and text messages.
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The story will center around a tragedy that befalls the Langa family; the series’ title, Uk’shona Kwelanga, means either ‘sunset’ or ‘the death of Langa’ in English.
In a statement to Times Live, Ndaba revealed that the drama was a unique challenge to establish, citing that “I have never written like this before and it was especially tricky because it’s never been done before so we had no reference”.
Ndaba has worked with King James to leverage the production to advertise the latter’s services as an insurance company, though Ndaba cites that “There is nowhere in any of the episodes where we mention (the insurance company). It’s all about silent advertising”.
Ndaba voiced her excitement in the production’s release, quipping that “South Africans love soapies so it really is a great way to pull them in and on top of that‚ Whatsapp is accessible to almost everyone.”
South Africans can join the experience by sending an SMS with their name and surname to 45603. Uk’shona Kwelanga is set to premiere on Monday the 7th of June.
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