Make Navigation Great Again: Trump can now help direct on Karta GPS

Karta GPS – a new maps and navigation app for iOS and Android – has revealed a new set of voices for the service, which includes that of US President Donald Trump.

Last year we reported that Waze – the mapping and navigation service Google snapped up – just about broke into journeys everywhere when it announced a new voice set styled on the dulect tones of Morgan Freeman. Now, Karta GPS – a new entrant on the navigation block – has debuted its own answer; the voice of US President Donald Trump.
Thankfully, Trump isn’t the default voice for the service – though choosing the 45th President of the United States as your onboard advisor will deliver some fairly huge instructions. For example, one can expect to hear utterances such as “Go straight ahead, it’s tremendous!”
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If you’re excited by the prospect of a Presidential affair, you can also choose former US President Bill Clinton to guide you on your journey. Beyond either President, other options include a gym instructor, mafia boss, or even a Nordic god.
Karta GPS commented on the matter in an official press release, offering that “When navigating with GPS you often have to hear some monotone voice explain when to take the next right or roundabout. Karta GPS’s most recent feature will make that boredom a thing of the past. With its new navigation voice options; current President Donald Trump and former President Bill Clinton will give you ample hours of entertainment and direction. Donald gives it to you straight, never letting you settle for anything less than the top ten eateries, while Bill will weave the tale of your journey with that old southern drawl”.

By downloading Karta GPS, users can download the voice of Donald Trump by heading to Downloads, Voices, View All, and then Premium. The voice set is presently free.
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