Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 could sport dual cameras, 3x optical zoom

New rumours have alleged that Samsung’s forthcoming Galaxy Note 8 could be the firm’s first device to arrive with a dual-camera array and 3x optical zoom.

We all know how the sad tale of the Galaxy Note 7 ended, but the good news is that Samsung’s apology device – the Galaxy S8 – has more than made up for that failure. Now, rumours have begun to swirl around the company’s next phablet effort – the Galaxy Note 8.
Samsung has been a curiously late entrant into the dual-camera war, where the likes of LG, Apple, and Huawei have duked it out with multiple setups. However, a new report has revealed that the Note 8 could soon hit the market with a dual-camera array in tow.
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A report from Daishin Securities analyst Park Kang-ho alleges that Samsung has begun to produce dual-camera arrays; previously, the company’s Electro-Mechanics division sprang back to profit after the Note 7 disaster by supplying Chinese marques Oppop, Vivo, and Xiaomi with dual-camera modules.
Park Kang-ho commented that while “…Samsung did not officially announce the adoption of dual cameras (for the Galaxy S8), it is inevitable to feature the cameras, which stole the spotlight during this year’s Mobile World Congress.”
Rumours have indicated that Samsung is developing a dual-camera array that would consist of a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens in addition to a 13-megapixel telephoto lens – the latter of which would apparently feature 3x optical zoom.
The setup would place Samsung in competition with LG and Apple, which have both leveraged telephoto and wide-angle focused technology within dual-camera arrays found aboard their respective flagship smartphones.
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