Apple acquires Beddit, a sleep-tracking hardware company

In a surprise acquisition, Apple has snapped up Beddit – a Finnish company that produces iPhone and Apple Watch-compatible sleep-tracking hardware.

Apple doesn’t just want to be in your lounge, pocket, or on your wrist – it wants to be under your sheets, too. At least, that’s the joke today as the Cupertino company has acquired Beddit.
What’s Beddit? Good question. Among the plethora of iOS and watchOS-compatible hardware flooding the market today, Beddit is the producer of sleep-tracking hardware designed to monitor sleep data, similarly to what many wearables – especially fitness trackers – do.
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The Beddit 3 Sleep Monitor, which Apple has previously sold in the Apple Store, takes a different approach – rather than serve as a desktop ‘nightlamp’ or a wearable, the unit slides underneath a bed sheet and tracks movement during sleep through a technique called ballistocardiography.
The product naturally competes in the same space as the Apple Watch – which one day could track sleep – so one potential reason for Apple to devour the company is to simply pull its products off the market. However, a far more interesting possibility remains in the sense that the company might plunder engineers, patents, or metrics that could go a long way towards helping the Cupertino company develop another product.
It has been rumoured for some time that Apple is developing a non-Watch wearable, leaving us to suspect its acquisition of Beddit could point to a new product emerging in the near future.
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