Take a gander at Fuchsia – Google's new mobile operating system

Google has revealed the user interface for Fuchsia, its mysterious mobile operating system that could one day work in tandem with – or replace – Android.

Most of us are familiar with Android, the open-source operating system Google has refined into its present iteration as 7.0 Nougat. Now, as part of its development of a secretive new mobile operating system -dubbed Fuchsia – Google has revealed its user interface, dubbed Armadillo.
Hold up – what’s Fuchsia?
To be blunt, no-one knows. Google has been quietly developing another mobile operating system that, instead of running on the Linux kernel found in Android, instead runs on a kernel dubbed ‘Magenta’.
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Fuchsia – which, similarly to Android, is both open-source and geared for tablets and smartphones, has been seldom touted by the Mountain View company. For instance, we’ve seen little of the operating system beyond code up Google’s revelation of the system’s user interface, which is now called Armadillo.
As you’ll see in the video below, Armadillo operates very differently from Android – for instance, the user interface scrolls vertically, and centers on a user’s profile picture and a small list of utilities. The user interface, geared for mobile phones and tablets, offers a perplexing glimpse into Google’s work on the operating system.

It remains to be seen what intended purpose Fuchsia might serve; the operating system could be Google’s future mobile operating system of choice, and a suppositional theory is that the company is working on a lightweight mobile operating system for affordable smartphones similar to Samsung’s Tizen.
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What are your thoughts? What do you feel Google could eventually use Fuchsia for, given Android’s worldwide dominance? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!
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