Apple makes iMovie, Garageband, and its iWork apps free to all users

Apple has updated several of its Mac and iOS apps, officially making iMovie, Garageband, and its iWork apps free to all users.

As of today, Apple has officially released new updates for iMovie and Garageband, and has moved to offer not only the two applications, but further its iWork suite, for free.
Previously, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Garageband, and iMovie have been free to consumers who purchase a new Mac or iOS device, such as a MacBook or iPad. That offer extended to consumers who had purchased such a device in the last couple of years.
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As of today, Apple now offers its iWork and former iLife apps for free to any consumer with a Mac or iOS device capable of running the software.
Apple has prioritsed placing its iWork services in the cloud in recent years, and in the past debuted Pages, Numbers, and Keynote for iCloud in a bid to compete with the emergence of Google Docs and Microsoft’s Office Online suite.
Garageband and iMovie, while not available as cloud-based software, have been pushed as premiere lifestyle apps. While Apple has replaced iPhoto with Photos for Mac and iOS, it continues to offer Garageband and iMovie as lightweight editing suites on both its desktop and mobile operating systems.
Apple has cited that the move has been made to encourage businesses and educational instituitions to get onboard to download its applications – nevermind the fact that removing restrictions will help all users on Apple’s platform access the programs in the first instance.
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