Apple is reportedly working on its own Snapchat competitor

New reports have indicated that Apple could be developing its own Snapchat competitor, which would overlay live filters on a user’s face.

Not one to be left behind, new reports have stated that Apple is actively working on developing its own Snapchat-style app which would allow users to overlay live filters over their face.
The report, provided by Business Insider, cites that one early version of the app makes uses of square videos in a similar fashion to Instagram’s humble beginnings.
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It is believed that videos or images captured through the app would be uploadable to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.
The app would supposedly be aimed at younger users who might not use Apple’s iMessage, which competes with the likes of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.
The report indicates that the app is presently being built with a target release date of 2017, which would place itself out of the features coming to iPhones and iPads with iOS 10.
The news isn’t without precedent. During Instagram’s nascent years, Apple introduced the ability to take square photos from iOS’ default camera app and further included its own set of non-destructive filters.
iMessage itself – as part of iOS 10- will bring features from other popular instant messaging platforms, such as support for big emoji.
The company has become increasingly interested in social trends; Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, publicly stated that the company would invest heavily in augmented reality technology following the success of games such as Pokemon Go.
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What are your thoughts on Apple’s apparent interest in creating a competitor to Snapchat? Can the Cupertino company successfully issue its own take on the app? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below!
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