Dating app Wango launches in SA, aimed at women

Wango promises a “œwoman-centred“ approach to online dating, giving it a competitive edge over other dating services

Internet dating is oftentimes fraught with dangerous obstacles. There are some real weirdo‘s out there and to most internet dating has become nothing more than a hookup service. That is where Wango comes in ““ they are trying to change how you think about online dating, especially if you‘re a woman.
Wango, not to be confused with WANGO (World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations) or Wonga (online short-term loans), promises a “œwoman-centred“ approach to online dating, giving it a competitive edge over other dating services.

If you are a member of the male species (yes, sometimes we are a completely different animal), you have to sign an agreement to join, stipulating certain terms and conditions related to how you conduct yourself on the service. Called a “œGentleman‘s Pledge“, it holds you accountable if you don‘t act sensibly, where after you can lose your privileges on the site.
Some dating sites have reported in the past that the ratio of men to woman on their sites are as high as 20:1, and many others have created fake women “˜bots‘ to attract more users to their service. This is what Wango are trying to avoid by creating an environment where women feel welcome and comfortable.
According to CEO Julian Smida, the secret to success in online dating is winning over women and“¦
Sorry, I‘m going to digress. We think the name Wango is a brilliant pun. This has sprouted some interesting debates on the interwebs as to what other poignant dating app names could come up and penetrate the marketplace. Some upstanding examples are:
JiggyJiggy, Cobgobble, Rubbit, Fapr, Who-ore we, Fonkluts, Galacial and …
Do you have any other suggestions to accompany something like Wango? Let us know in the comments below.
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