The Unidentified Floating Object could be your smart home on the seas

A new concept for a home off-the-grid, named the Unidentified Floating Object, shows what life could be like while living off the sea.

We’ve already seen what a massive pyramid-shaped super yacht could look like this year, but if you’re still looking for inspiration – or a means to wait out the zombie apocalypse – the Unidentified Floating Object could be for you.
The Unidentified Floating Object is a new home concept designed by Jet Capsule, the Italian makers of numerous mini yachts.
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The battery-powered Unidentified Floating Object is capable of travelling the world at a leisurely 6.5kh/h using a waterjet-propelled electric motor, which derives its power from 40 square metres of solar panels; all of which can be housed in a closeable space on the top of the roof during a storm.
According to designers Pierpaolo Lazzarini and Luca Solla, the Unidentified Floating Object can further house wind and water turbines to provide power during cloudy days.
Water can be provided through means of solar-powered desalination, as well as rainwater purification system. For food, residents can make use of a vegetable garden which orbits the home’s main structure.
A lower level reveals a bathroom and bedroom with a submerged viewing window, through which residents can watch sea life pass around their home.
According to Jet Capsule, the Unidentified Floating Object is unsinkable due to an elastic anchor system.
Jet Capsule is presently seeking investors to develop their first prototype, which would cost $800,000 USD, and further cite that a completed home would cost $200,000 USD to purchase.
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What are your thoughts on the Unidentified Floating Object? Would you be prepared to either live in or buy such a smart home? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!
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Source: Jet Capsule