iPhone moving towards edge-to-edge screen with tactile vibrations

Rumours suggest that Apple might be moving to an edge-to-edge screen sporting tactile vibrations and no more Home button. We will probably only see it in 2017.

The iPhone rumours are rolling in as we near Apple’s WWDC event next week. The new iPhone however won’t be expected to launch until September but that isn’t stopping the leaked reports and suggested sightings. The latest one is another confirmation that Apple is planning to introduce an edge-to-edge display with no bezel and no Home button.
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A respected Apple source in the far East, the Nikkei Asian Review, has reported that the iPhone will offer “more complex tactile vibrations” through the screen thanks to a “a tiny, but high-performance motor” hidden somewhere under the display. In layman’s terms it means that the screen will be able to give your fingertips the sensation of having pressed a button (enabling the Home button drop). That of course can lead to an all-glass, full-sized display without any bezels. Unfortunately the report suggests that this might only happen with the 2017 iPhone (7S or 8?).
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The Nikkei report does however lend some insight into the upcoming iPhone 7. As many sources have indicated the new model will receive a very minor design update. Apparently Apple is switching to a three-year cycle for major revisions, so it’s going to be more of an iPhone 6S2 (probably due to slowing market conditions). Apple fans will probably have to wait for 2017 to get a truly innovative update. Apple is also reportedly going to switch to the brighter AMOLED display technology and up the screen size to 5.8 inches at the same time. We will have to wait and see…
Source: TechRadar
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