iPhone 7 rumoured for 32GB base storage, max of 256GB

New rumours have indicated that Apple might proceed to drop the 16GB storage model, and offer a standard 32GB iPhone 7 model.

New supply chain research conducted by KGI securities has revealed that Apple could proceeed to drop its controversial 16GB iPhone model upon the release of the iPhone 7.
Apple have long received flack for continuing to sell a 16GB model, where most Android vendors have migrated to selling 32GB models as a base option.
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With the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus series, Apple controversially sold  both models in storage tiers of 16GB, 64GB and 128GB, forcing consumers at the lower end of the market to either opt for pricey iCloud storage, purchase a more expensive 64GB model, or limit the presence of their apps, music, videos and more aboard a 16GB device.
The report further indicates that Apple could pursue a high-end 256GB storage model, which would take the form of a (more) premium iPhone 7 Plus. The smaller iPhone device of the pair would remain limited to a storage capacity of 128GB.
A report in Nikkei, released today, further posits that Apple could be moving towards a three year ‘mega’ release cycle for the iPhone, due to “smartphone functions having little room left for major enhancements,” and “a slowing market“.
While the iPhone 7 is largely expected to appear visually similar to its predecessor – the iPhone 6 range – key improvements could include a dual-camera setup, in addition to four corner stereo speakers.
In another controversial move, the next iPhone could further do without a headphone jack in favour of Lightning connections.
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