iPhone 7 leak hints at design update and laser autofocus

Hopping on the iPhone 7 rumour mill again. this time round a leak from Weibo hints at a smallish design update and laser autofocus feature

We are in the annual smartphone “dead-zone” where most of the big Android players have released their flagships and we await the September release of the new iPhone. Lots of rumours and leaks have surfaced on the internet so far, including schematic drawings, component pictures etc. Now, another set of images has appeared on Chinese social media site Weibo claiming to show the upcoming 4.7-inch iPhone 7 variant.
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As other reports have also stated the iPhone 7’s design might be very close to that of the current 6S. The antenna lines have been redesigned to run along the top of the device as opposed to across the back and tapers off at either end of the phone. This attention to detail implies that this is perhaps not a simple Photoshop job like we‘ve seen in the past. This report shows a camera bump again, where other leaks were going in the other direction. In addition to the camera module as a whole appearing to be larger in this image, there‘s also an additional hole between it and the LED flash (this might indicate that the iPhone 7 will have some sort of laser autofocus feature). The 7 Plus model is expected to have a dual-camera setup, which we are seeing on many of the latest flagships (no leaked images of that though).
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Whilst the Weibo images are somewhat revealing they unfortunately don’t show the front or the bottom of the device, so we can’t see whether this leak falls into the head-phone jack or no-head-phone jack camp. We of course need to look at these leaked images with some scepticism, but the continued corroboration between various reports continues to imply that the iPhone 7 will not be a major design overhaul like many had hoped. Stay tuned for more iPhone 7 rumours and leaks!
Source: PocketNow
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