Fender's new in-ear monitor headphones aren't just for rockstars

The world’s (arguably) most famous guitar luthier released its first general consumer product today in the form of Fender in-ear monitor headphones.

The Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster have been made famous by legendary guitar players such as Jimi Hendrix and Keith Richards, and now general consumers can join the fun with the release of the company’s first general product: Fender in-ear monitor headphones.
The series is constituted by 5 different models, starting at the budget friendly $99 USD DXA1, and and tapering off with the FXA7, which will retail for $499 USD.
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Each set of Fender in-ear monitor headphones are constructed out of hand-assembled titanium housings which block out external noise and house a balanced armature and dynamic driver.
The in-ear monitors are aimed at working musicians and audiophiles, and are intended to be used a replacement to amplified stage monitors.
Further, the monitors bear non-slip bud tips and over-head hooks. For those who’re about to rock hard, each cable can be replaced and detached if necessary.
The range of Fender in-ear monitor headphones were designed to fit over 90% of consumer’s ear shapes, and give a balanced sound without an overly-heavy bass.
The move comes as a result of Fender capitalising on its place in popular culture; Vice President Jim Ninesling explained to TechCrunch that “œWe are a lifestyle brand“¦cool enough that people who don‘t play an instrument to want to buy a t-shirt with our name on it.“ 
Ninesling further stated that thanks to smartphones boosting mobile consumption, the headphone market has grown to be valued at $8 billion USD a year.
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What are your thoughts on Fender’s new range of  in-ear monitor headphones? Would you be willing to buy them, or have Fender set to hefty a price tag on their newest product? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!
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Source: TechCrunch