Siri creators to reveal "Viv" to the world next week

The original creators of Siri have been tirelessly working on their new, much improved AI assistant called “Viv” and will reveal her to the world next week Monday.

Siri might have become an old or lost friend (depending on how much you make use of her) to Apple customers by now. The original designers of the virtual assistant however are now working on on an artificial intelligence technology called Viv that does more than Siri or any other virtual assistant currently available.
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Dag Kittlaus and Adam Cheyer, Siri’s creators, have pulled together a third of the original Siri team to develop Viv after having left Apple due to disagreements regarding the functionality of Siri. Viv might just be what Kittlaus and Cheyer originally wanted Siri to be – they claim that Viv will be able to out-assist Siri almost in every way.
The Washington post gave the following example:

“œGet me a pizza from Pizz‘a Chicago near my office,“ one of the engineers said into his smartphone. It was their first real test of Viv, the artificial-intelligence technology that the team had been quietly building for more than year. Everyone was a little nervous. Then, a text from Viv piped up: “œWould you like toppings with that?“
The engineers, eight in all, started jumping in: “œPepperoni.“ “œHalf cheese.“ “œCaesar salad.“ Emboldened by the result, they peppered Viv with more commands: Add more toppings. Remove toppings. Change medium size to large.
About 40 minutes later “” and after a few hiccups when Viv confused the office address “” a Pizz‘a Chicago driver showed up with four made-to-order pizzas.

Quite impressive. This feat was thanks to the approach of having deep integration with third party apps. Another example is to say “order me a car” and Viv will present you various Uber options. In total, more than 50 different apps offer functionality similar to ordering a pizza or ordering a car, including SeatGuru, Zocdoc, Grubhub, FTD, and Ivee.
This was the original idea behind Siri, to “œto reinvent mobile commerce itself.“ Apple greatly simplified the software (severely limiting third party integration) and essentially making Siri a clever AI chatbot.
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Facebook and Google have both already attempted to acquire the digital assistant, but nothing has come of those talks. The best news though is that the assistant will officially be launched at a major press conference on Monday. Here’s to changing the AI assistant world forever!
Source: 9to5Mac
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