House of cards breaks Guinness World Record atop LG washing machine

A new Guinness World Record has been set by Bryan Berg, who successfully built a house of cards atop a running LG washing machine.

While last year we couldn’t believe LG had developed an augmented reality vacuum cleaner, the company has now participated in a Guinness World Record winning attempt alongside Bryan Berg to build a house of cards atop a running washing machine.
Welcome back to more news that we just can’t make up.
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The new record, set by professional card stacker Bryan Berg – and no, we didn’t know that was an official occupation – has seen a house of cards built atop a running washing machine in just 12 hours.
The house of cards was built atop an LG Centum washing machine, which was spinning at 1,000 RPM. Berg’s structure stood 3.3 meters tall, and took the form of a forty-eight story house.
For those who need their clothes washed in absolute rock-steady conditions, the LG Centum washing machine makes use of a damping system through shock absorbers, which would be similarly found in a car.
LG totes that the Centum washing machine features one of the “quietest spin cycles on the market”, which, for those who’re desperate to know, emits only 67dB of sound.
“œWe are thrilled for Bryan, who achieved a special goal, while also helping to highlight the technological innovations that exist in some of today‘s home appliances,“ Jo Seong-jin, President of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solutions Company, said in a press statement.
We imagine professional card stackers the world over will be racing out to purchase LG’s washing machine in an attempt to beat Berg’s record.
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