Twitter user live-tweets the Titanic disaster 104 years later

104 years after the Titanic endured disaster during her maiden voyage, a Twitter user has live-tweeted the tragedy, providing a window into the past.

The tragedy of the Titanic is one that’s been well preserved in human history, not least through popular culture such as novels and of course James Cameron’s blockbuster film.
Now, 104 years after the Titanic’s disastrous maiden voyage, a Twitter user has chronicled the ill-fated journey that doomed its crew on the 15th of April in 1912.
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The user in question, Real Time History (@events_bl) hosts a personal blog detailing real-life historical events; examining the likes of Jack the Ripper and inaccuracies surrounding the film Braveheart, which saw Mel Gibson star as William Wallace, one of the main leaders during the Wars of Scottish Independence.
The Titanic live stream created bears the entire event in excruciating detail, providing up-to-the-minute replications of the structural damage the vessel incurred, while profiling actual quotes from the ship’s Captain Smith (unfortunately, I’ve no relation.)

The live stream even captures what music the Titanic’s orchestra played as the vessel sank into the sea, as in real life the musicians played until the ship met its final demise.
The entire event is preserved on @events_bl’s timeline, and can be browsed, naturally, in reverse or chronological order; becoming an online historical museum of sorts.

Twitter itself is a medium which has, over recent years, become a fertile ground for historical recollection, with museums and historians joining the service to promote new discoveries and exhibits.
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What are your thoughts on the Titanic disaster being live-tweeted 104 years after the tragedy happened? What historical event would you like to see live-tweeted on Twitter? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below!
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