Could game streaming be coming to X?

This illustration photo created in Washington, DC, on July 24, 2023, shows the new X Twitter logo in front of the bird Twitter logo. - Elon Musk killed off the Twitter logo on July 24, 2023, replacing the world-recognized blue bird with a white X as the tycoon accelerates his efforts to transform the floundering social media giant. Musk and the company's new chief executive Linda Yaccarino announced the rebranding on July 23, 2023, scrapping one of technology's most iconic brands in the latest shock move since the tycoon took over Twitter nine months ago. (Photo by Stefani Reynolds / AFP)

Elon Musk is embarking on a transformative journey for X, formerly Twitter, by introducing novel video features, including game streaming and live shopping, with the aim of morphing X into an all-encompassing app. Currently, these features are accessible to X Premium subscribers, marking a notable expansion of the platform’s capabilities.

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Musk himself showcased the game streaming feature during an intriguing 54-minute Diablo IV stream. This captivating live stream was hosted on an enigmatic Twitter account under the handle @cyb3rgam3r420. Following the stream, Musk confirmed the company’s experimentation with the feature in a reply to the account. X engineer Mark Kalman also contributed to the revelation, providing insights on how Premium subscribers can initiate game streaming. This process entails connecting Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) to their Twitter accounts via X Media Studio.

At present, the extent of X’s commitment to cultivating a streamer-friendly ecosystem remains uncertain. While the feature enables viewer comments during streams, it lacks several creator-centric functionalities found on other platforms. Nevertheless, it exemplifies X’s strategic pivot toward content creators and new video features in a concerted effort to attract a larger user base.

In a separate move, X announced its intention to experiment with live shopping features, forging a partnership with Paris Hilton. Hilton has committed to producing four original video content programs annually, incorporating live-shopping elements. This marks a fascinating convergence of celebrity influence and e-commerce within the platform.

However, X’s ability to support these advanced live video features is in question. The platform has faced challenges in handling substantial live audio and video streams, particularly those amplified by Musk’s involvement. Past issues, such as the stream crashes during Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ appearance on Spaces, have underscored these difficulties.

Musk’s biographer, Walter Isaacson, attributed some of these issues to a poorly executed data centre migration. Despite attempts at resolution, recent incidents, such as a disrupted live stream of Musk’s visit to the US-Mexico border, suggest that the platform’s infrastructure challenges persist. Musk’s urgent email to X’s staff to address the issue highlights the pressing need for improvement in this regard. The future success of X’s ambitious video ventures may hinge on its ability to resolve these technical hurdles swiftly and effectively.