LG G5 teardown reveals high repairability score

iFixit have sharpened their tools with their LG G5 teardown, revealing the modular handset has an exceptionally repairable design.

The LG G5 might be facing controversy for LG’s decision to coat the device’s rear panel in paint, but a new LG G5 teardown from iFixit has netted the Korean company a great deal of good press, highlighting the device’s high repairability score.
Whereas Apple’s new iPhone SE achieved one of the lowest scores yet for repairability – even failing the bendabiltiy test – the LG G5 has instead matched its predecessor’s 8/10 score for repairability; an impressive feat considering the company’s decision to move to a metal unibody design with its newest flagship.
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In this regard, the LG G5 further outscores the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge in repairability.
iFixit cite that the LG G5’s removable battery makes for an easy swap or repair job, and that many internal components can be replaced with little to no effort with common household tools such as a star screwdriver.
Further, the LG G5 teardown revealed that despite the flagship’s use of a dual camera setup,  removing any of the device’s three cameras is an easy endeavour thanks to the use of common glue to keep both camera modules intact.
In essence, iFixit’s verdict is an especially important one for LG’s branding campaign, which has positioned the device around a family of ‘friends’ – or accessories – which can be integrated into the device thanks to what the company tip as a ‘modular’ design.
With luck, when the LG G5 arrives in South Africa we won’t be hard pressed to effect a repair to the device should the worst happen.
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