The Olympic Games are on our doorstep and the Olympic Broadcasting Committee (OBS) intends to show of the spectacle in 8K and virtual reality!

The sports spectacle that is the Olympic Games will once again entrance the world later this year in Brazil. Whilst thousands of tourists head over to South America many of us will have to make due with TV broadcasts. So how do you get the best Olympic experience on TV? Try watching it in 8K resolution or VR!
Even though 4K content is only now arriving, parts of the 2016 Rio games in August will be shot in 8K video and virtual reality. The Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) confirmed that it will air around 130 hours of the Super Hi-Vision video (7,680 x 4,320) with 22.2 channel surround sound in Japan only. Most notably coverage will include the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as selected sports events including judo, football, swimming and basketball.
The VR footage, including the opening and closing ceremonies and select sports, will be available to viewers around the world, whether they have headsets or not. The reason why 8K resolution will only be offered in Japan is because the nation intends to broadcast its 2020 Tokyo Olympics in Super Hi-vision, so it’s using the Rio event as a trial run.
The default broadcast for this year’s Olympics will be 1080p video with 5.1 surround sound around the world. All in all there will be 7,000 hours of Olympic coverage broadcasted to 220 countries around the world attracting an estimated 5 billion viewers!
Source: Engadget
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