The Brita Infinity can order itself new filters through Wi-Fi

Here’s a solution to a problem you didn’t know you had; the Wi-Fi connected Brita Infinity can order itself new filters when its current ones are depleted.

Welcome to the future; a place where you not only can have a next gen augmented reality vacuum cleaner, but also have a water purifier that can order itself new filters – Enter the Brita Infinity.
Brita launched the Infinity this Monday, its new water purifier which offers Wi-Fi connectivity and will order itself new filters through Amazon Dash Replenishment.
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The filter, which retails for $45 USD, works through a built-in counter which tracks how much water passes through the pitcher. When the filter is nearly depleted, the Infinity will automatically will order more filters for $6 USD each.
Talk about in-app purchases.
The Infinity is one of the first few strategic partnerships with Amazon Dash Replenishment; other products include, for example, Brother printers which can order themselves ink.
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