Orison is a new Tesla Powerwall challenger

Tesla might already be setting up shop in South Africa to distribute its Powerball line, but a new competitor named Orison aims to steal the firm’s thunder.

We’re greatly excited for the arrival of Tesla Energy in South Africa; not only does the firm have plans to construct an enormous gigafactory, but also establish its own office in Cape Town. Now, a new competitor named Orison is ready to challenge the company’s Powerwall lineup with a product of its own.
Orison offers to products aimed at providing power to a home; the first is a wall-mounted device similar to the Powerwall, while the other is a tower that, to the untrained eye, could resemble a trendy Hi-Fi speaker.
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Either unit is capable of delivering enough juice to power an AC unit, a laptop and a television set for six hours, or a refrigerator for 24 hours. The company even offers an online tool for users to establish how many batteries they should purchase to power their home.
Orison batteries are able to connect to their own cloud system to determine when is the best time to recharge; hence, the unit can even be set to consume electricity when the kWh price is cheaper.
Unlike the Powerwall, Orison batteries don’t require an installation, and instead just need to be placed and plugged in to work. The tower model, just for kicks, even has customisable backlighting, an integrated Bluetooth speaker, and five USB ports to charge up miscellaneous devices.
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The wall-mounted version is expected to retail for $1,600 USD, while the tower version will retail for $1,950 USD, though pre-order discounts apply when ordered through Kickstarter.
What are your thoughts? Were both readily available in South Africa today, which unit would you purchase? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below!
Visit Orison’s Kickstarter page