Self-driving cars? Self-parking chairs are the future

Move over, self-driving cars everywhere; Nissan has unveiled a new slice of the future with a series of self-parking chairs designed for office spaces.

At what point do we officially get to say we live in the future? With the advent of self-driving cars, the ease of requesting an Uber, or Tesla’s new grid-sparing Powerwall system? Not if Nissan has anything to say about it; the company has just unveiled a series of self-parking chairs.
Yes, really.
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A consistent gripe for anyone who works in or owns an office space, Nissan’s new self-parking chairs are designed to make such spaces a tad more organised and tidy.
Tracked by four motion cameras placed on walls, and simultaneously controlled by Wi-Fi, Nissan’s modified Okamura chairs are designed not as a technology on their own, but as a publicity stunt designed to advertise the company’s intelligent parking assist technology.
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