Twitter anti-harassment team will police online bullying

Is the internet’s first anti-trolling team about to be created? A new Twitter anti-harassment team will police online bullying across the social network.

Twitter has had an interesting start to 2016, and things have just become even more perplexing: The service intends to introduce a new Twitter anti-harassment team to combat malcontents across the service.
The Twitter Trust and Safety Council, as the service’s team will be called, will work to deal with abuse across the social network, and will be comprised of team members from over 40 organisations.
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Inaugural members of the team will stem from the Samaritans, Feminist Frequency, Anti-Bullying Pro and NetSafe.
“As we develop products, policies, and programs, our Trust & Safety Council will help us tap into the expertise and input of organisations at the intersection of these issues more efficiently and quickly” the social network said in a statement.
Last year, former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo stated openly that “we (Twitter) suck at dealing with abuse and trolls“. The social network’s move is a clear indication that the service will no longer tolerate online harassment.
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