Facebook set to add Reactions in lieu of a Dislike button

In lieu of adding a Dislike Button, the world’s largest social network is set to add a set of Facebook Reactions for users to express their feelings.

We’ve previously reported that Facebook’s consideration of adding a dislike button has led the firm to instead adopt a set of Facebook Reactions which will allow users to express their emotions more appropriately.
Facebook Reactions have been trialled in Spain, and, owing to widespread adoption by Spanish users, will soon be rolled out to users across the globe.
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In a new interview, Facebook’s Chris Cox showed the development that has led up to the first trial release of Reactions, which allowed users to categorise ‘like’ responses as emotions such as ‘sad’, ‘angry’, ‘happy’, and more.
The only Reaction not to make the final list, despite our disappointment, is ‘yay’.
Users will be able to access Reactions through long-pressing on the Like icon, which will then expand and provide new voice options.
While no release date has yet been specified, Cox confirmed that Reactions could soon release around the world “within the coming weeks”.
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