Microsoft unveils its News Pro app for iOS

Jumping into the realm of news to compete with Apple, the Microsoft News Pro app has been released on iOS and is available for download.

While Apple might have been first to jump into the realm of news curation, Redmond isn’t too far behind – with the release of the Microsoft News Pro app on iOS, the company looks to offer, as billed, “hyper relevant news for your work”.
Microsoft News Pro uses the company’s Bing search engine to create a custom news feed that caters to one’s career – programmers all the way to electricians will be able to sort through news that is relevant to their career.
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The app requires users to sign in via a social network – in this case, either LinkedIn or Facebook – from which Microsoft News Pro will then create a custom feed based upon one’s profile information.
The app directly competes with Apple’s News app which was released with iOS 9 in the US, and, of course, Google’s own News service.
You can download the app here.
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