Researchers develop a 5x more powerful lithium battery

Researchers have developed a more powerful lithium battery that could hold 5 times the charge of regular smartphone batteries.

Smartphone battery woes could be a thing of the past due to the successes of a team of an international team of researchers who have developed a new and more powerful lithium battery.
Published in the journal Nature, the unit is described as a lithium-air battery, as when the unit is discharged, it releases oxygen.
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Presently, Lithium-air batteries use lithium peroxide – the positive end go the unit has metallic lithium that reacts with the oxygen in the air, storing energy in chemical bonds. The new design, which uses lithium superoxide allows bonds to break down more easily and produce not only greater efficiency, but greater battery life.
Larry Curtiss, one of the co-authors of the research, stated that “This discovery really opens a pathway for the potential development of a new kind of battery… Although a lot more research is needed, the cycle life of the battery is what we were looking for.”
The new, more powerful lithium battery could serve to greatly improve the battery life of tablets and smartphones.
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