Sony unveils a Rose Gold Xperia Z5

Sony has joined in alongside other premium smartphone manufacturers such as Apple and has unveiled a Rose Gold Xperia Z5 handset.

Sony have decided to embrace current trends, and have – months after the official release of the device – unveiled a Rose Gold Xperia Z5.
We’ll be the first to say it: it’s pink.
In an official release, designer Rikke Gerthsen Constein drew upon influences: “œfrom nature and Japan‘s own Sakura cherry blossom right through to the colours in the sky during a beautiful sunset.“
A more likely hypothesis is that Sony are eager to cash in on the Rose Gold trend following Apple’s introduction of a similarly coloured iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.
Interestingly, the pink hue on the Rose Gold Xperia Z5 is far lighter than other shades of the colour on the market today, including the crustacean style pink colour which Sony opted to produce one variant of the Xperia Z5 Compact in, which was officially named “Salmon”.
Specs, availability, and, presumably, pricing remain the same for the device, and it remains to be seen whether the handset will attract any additional interest in its new set of clothes.
Source: Sony