Microsoft Lumia 850 teased in new leaks

New leaks out of Microsoft have pinpointed that the upcoming Lumia 850 might arrive with wood and faux-concrete style back covers.

Up until now, Microsoft’s smartphone devices have traditionally been adorned in colourful plastic; yet the latest leaks surrounding the company’s upcoming Lumia 850 or “Honjo” smartphone have indicated that the device could arrive with a wide variety of back covers.
Based on leaked information that the 850 could arrive with options including a leather, faux-concrete and aluminium back covers, PhoneDesigner has published a series of realistic concepts which depict what the device could ultimately look like upon release.

The 850 in white-gold.

Should previously leaked images depicting the ‘Honjo’ codenamed phone prove accurate, the 850 could bring the most premium design factor yet seen to Microsoft’s Lumia device range.
So far, the 850 is posited to bring a 1080p screen on a 5.7″ display, with an Octa-Core Snapdragon 617 processor running the show internally.
PhoneDesigner’s renders illustrate a Lumia 850 that is constructed out of metal, with aluminum rims surrouding the device’s front and back panels. The back panels in particular vary in material, with present options between the previously leaked white-gold model, black, wood, or faux-concrete.
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