Microsoft's Surface Phone might be released next year

As we wrote earlier this year, Microsoft have been heavily rumoured to be producing a Surface Phone to complement the likes of the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, and act as a Windows 10 Mobile flagship device above the current crop of Lumia devices.
Led by the company’s new Devices head, Panos Panay, the company is secretly developing a Surface Phone, if an extensive report from Windows Central is accurate.
Microsoft have previously been rumoured to be in the early stages of producing such a device – early reports posited that the Surface Phone would enjoy the same Continuum features the new Lumia 950 and 950 XL employ using Microsoft’s Display Dock.
According to the report, Panay has been dissatisfied with the company’s present Lumia flagships for some time, and aims to produce a Surface based handset to complement Microsoft’s existing Surface lineup.
Earlier this year at the company’s October Event, the company introduced the Surface Pro 4, and the premium Surface Book, which brings with it a detachable metal keyboard.
Seeing as Panay has been newly promoted to Devices head, which places him in direct control of all Microsoft Devices, the potential to see a Surface Phone in the future has greatly increased.
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