New Windows 11 update available with Copilot and AI-powered Paint

Microsoft has released a major update to Windows 11, bringing a slew of new features and improvements. The biggest new feature is Copilot, an AI-powered digital assistant that can help you with tasks like controlling settings, launching apps, and answering queries.

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Copilot appears as a sidebar in Windows 11, and it’s integrated into many parts of the operating system. For example, you can use Copilot to help you find and open files, or to adjust your system settings. You can also ask Copilot questions about Windows 11, or about other topics.

In addition to Copilot, Microsoft is also adding AI features to Paint, Snipping Tool, and the Photos app. Paint is getting Photoshop-like features, such as support for transparency and layers. Microsoft is also adding a new AI image generator to Paint, which will allow you to create images by simply inputting a text prompt.

Snipping Tool is getting AI upgrades in the form of text extraction and redaction. You’ll now be able to copy text from an image in Snipping Tool and share it in other apps. It’s similar to the copy text from images feature found on Android or iOS. Microsoft has also added a feature that allows you to automatically redact and hide emails and phone numbers from images.

The Photos app for Windows 11 is also getting AI upgrades, with a new background blur option. Background blur will automatically find the background in a photo and highlight the subject and blur out the background. You can customize the intensity of the blur or even change the areas that get blurred out.

Microsoft is also adding a number of other new features to Windows 11 with this update, including:

  • An improved Windows Backup app that lets you back up your PC when you want to migrate to a new device and automatically applies your existing settings to a new PC.
  • Support for passkeys, a method to avoid passwords and use your face, fingerprint, or PIN to sign into accounts.
  • A more modern look for File Explorer, with a large file thumbnails and a carousel interface that can surface recent files and favourited ones.
  • Native RGB lighting controls, known as Dynamic Lighting, which allows Windows apps to control devices as well as the Settings section of Windows 11.

The Windows 11 update is available now, but some features, such as the AI-enhanced versions of Paint, Photos, and Snipping Tool, will roll out gradually to users over the coming weeks and months.