‘Tech Tats’: the real future of wearable technology?

A new sub-segment within the wearable technology realm is starting to emerge. Forget smartwatches, some companies are trying something very different.
We think, of course, of Google Glass which has pretty much disappeared from our consciousness, but other new interesting ideas have come to the fore in recent months. For example, some independent “˜Biohackers‘ recently implanted LEDs into their hands (for some reason), but companies are also looking at novel ideas. Ever thought about tech tats?
A firm in Austin, Texas wants to turn the whole idea of “˜smart‘ wearables on its head. They have combined sensors with conductive paint, which acts as “˜tech tattoos‘ that can turn your body art into fully-functional health monitors.

The company behind this invention is called Chaotic Moon and have dubbed them Tech Tats. CEO Ben Lamm called them “the new wearable”, pointing out that they can be a slightly more permanent version of Fitbit and other fitness trackers. They can, for instance, detect if you’re stressed, monitor your body temp, blood pressure and heart rate, and then transmit all those data through their electroconductive paint.
According to the company, it can also have many other applications. For example, it can be used to track a child in large crowds or you can pay for goods and services with it like you would with Apple Pay or the newly announced LG Pay.
Source: TechRadar
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