Facebook's 'Notify' news app set for release next week

Facebook has a new app in the works; a news app named Notify, which could release to users as soon as next week.
Notify, according to a report by the financial times, is close to launch and now has a list of news partners set to bring stories directly to its users.
So far, some news outlets have been reported as partners for Notify; namely, Vogue, The Washington Post, CNN, and Mashable. Once released, Notify is set allow users to select news sources of their choosing and receive notifications for breaking stories.

Facebook’s Notify release

Notify is set to be released as an independent app, and at present how the new app will impact news outlets that already publish their stories on the social network. Further, the requirements for a news organisation to join Notify are also unknown.
Many social networks have made similar forays into offering in-app or app-focused news; Twitter’s Moments feed and Snapchat’s Discover feature offer a similar purpose.
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