Apple sets another quarterly record in iPhone sales

Apple just announced its latest quarterly financial results, and yet again it’s another big quarter for the iPhone. The company sold just over 48 million iPhones in what is their fourth quarter in the financial year, which is up from 39.3 million one year ago, and another quarterly record in iPhone sales. Interestingly, Apple has also had the biggest quarter of Mac sales ever, with 5.7 million units sold.
As was expected, the iPad is continuing to struggle. It was the first quarter since 2011 that they have sold less than 10 million iPads. The iPad Pro hasn‘t been the boon the company was hoping for, and these slack figures come despite Apple refreshing their iPad line-up in September. Has the world finally realised that traditional tablets aren‘t that useful and that laptop““tablet hybrids like the Surface Book is the way to go?
Nonetheless, the financials still look pretty damn rosy in anyone‘s books. Apple made $51.5 billion in revenues and a quarterly net profit of $11.1 billion. The iPhone counted for a whopping $32.2 billion of that revenue, nearly two-thirds of revenue for the entire company. As expected, continued growth in China plays a big role in Apple’s overall success. Their revenues increased two-fold year over year in the Chinese market.
With regards to the Apple Watch and Apple TV, we don‘t have any official numbers. Tim Cook did say, however, that the revenue as a result of increased supply of Apple Watch devices increased by 61% year over year.
The iPhone remains Apple‘s biggest drawing card and helps the company remain one of the most valuable companies in the world. Is there any stopping the iPhone? We think not.
Source: Apple
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