Watch: App uses iPhone 6S' 3D-Touch to weigh objects

The latest iPhone 6S range comes with a new feature called 3D-Touch. Most have heard a lot about it over the past few months but essentially it allows users to interact with the phone by touching the screen (pushing) with force (hence the name Force Touch on the Apple Watch). So it is only logical that someone has reversed engineered the technology to use it in some other way. A new app allows you to weigh different object using the screen of the Apple smartphone.
Of course this is nothing new to Huawei Mate S owners. The Android handset comes pre-installed with a scale app. Strange that Apple also didn’t go this route from the beginning. The iPhone 6S app, the Plum-O-Meter, is a bit different though. The weight is displayed as a percentage of the force touch, and it highlights the heavier “œplum“ between the two, which isn’t really useful if you ask me. It‘s a funny project, a proof of concept for now. Those of you who are interested in more details, check out this link.
Check out the videos below comparing the Mate S and Apple apps.

Source: PocketNow
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