Samsung likely launching smartphones with dual cameras

It seems to be a concept many manufacturers are playing with these days ““ dual cameras.
With the HTC One M8 we saw it on back of the device; with the newly announced LG V10 we are seeing it on the front of the device. Having two sensors facing the same direction allows the phones to use their combined power to help focus, bump up the resolution of picture artificially and perform some special effects (as on the aforementioned M8).
Now we hear that Samsung is also exploring the possibility of using this tech to further their camera capabilities. And some claim we might see it as early as at the beginning of 2016 on the upcoming Galaxy S7. Other interesting rumours regarding the Galaxy S78 is that it will include an iris scanner as well, but nothing is confirmed as of yet.
Reportedly, Samsung‘s working on developing a dual-camera smartphone module, and may have it ready to be implemented in a future design by the end of the year. Reasons this dual camera setup might be delayed too far to be used in the Galaxy S7, though, is the changes needed in software as well as large changes to the manufacturing processes.
While there‘s no specific ETA, it sounds probable that we could see the first dual-camera Samsung smartphone launch sometime next year.
Source: ETNews
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