Uber, the ever innovative ride-sharing platform, has launched a new service called UberCommute in China. This service allows long-distance drivers pick up passengers along their commute and split the cost of their trip. Calling it “carpooling at the press of a button,” Uber says the service will start in Chengdu, China, which is the company’s biggest single market. Uber plans to bring UberCommute to cities around the world in the future.
The app allows drivers to sign in, enter their destination and then Uber will match them with individuals who are requesting trips in the same direction. The app uses a standard framework to calculate how much the driver will make for carrying a passenger. The passenger will have more or less the same experience as requesting a normal Uber service.
Uber has experimented with carpooling services before, but the move into China makes sense. Didi Kuaidi, a local rival that has high market share in China and ties with US service Lyft, launched a carpooling service in Beijing earlier this summer, and has since expanded to other cities. Uber has made clear its intentions to expand its operations both in China and the ride-sharing space.
Uber stated in a recent blog post – “When people can push a button and get a ride in minutes they are less likely to drive themselves. So instead of thirty people using their own cars, you have one car serving them all. But that is just the start. In many cities, such as San Francisco, New York, Chengdu or Paris, so many people now use Uber that there are a ton of duplicate rides “” passengers wanting to get to the exact same place at the exact same time. With services like UberCommute and UberPool we’re making it possible for them to share the ride”
Source: TheVerge
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