The IFA is in full swing with every tech company trying to outdo each other with their latest and greatest. With Samsung pulling its traditional IFA Note announcement and doing it earlier than usual, you might have been forgiven for thinking that the German tech show was a little light on showstoppers.
MWC may have overtaken the IFA with regards to significance but there is still a few gems out and about at this year’s event. So here is a look at the some of the coolest news and technology coming from the IFA event thus far.

Samsung UHD blu-raySamsung UHD Blu-ray player

Even though Samsung opted to unpacked and reveal the S6 Edge+ and Note 5 at a separate event they did leave some goodies for the IFA event. That comes in the form of the first Samsung UHD Blu-ray player. This not only means you will have to start over with all of your movie collections (again!) but you will also be able to few them in resolutions so high that you’ll feel reality looks a bit pixelated in comparison.
The player is capable of playing UHD Blu-rays, which will provide four times the resolution of standard Blu-rays. Image quality will further be enhanced thanks to 64 times higher color expression, and the player will also be able to upscale standard Blu-rays to look amazing on 4K televisions.

xyzfoodprinterXYZ 3D Food Printer

It seems as though today’s 3D printers can do just about anything. But now they have gone too far! Remember back in the day when futuristic cartoons had those machines where you press a button depicting a pizza and a few seconds later the door pops open with your pizza ready? Well that dream has become reality. The XYZ 3D food printer claims to be able to do just this.
How does it work? Like 3D model printing, it’s actually not very complicated. The printer is merely a conduit for the raw materials that you insert yourself. In this case you load the edible ammo into the machine and then program it do create your (uncooked) culinary masterpiece

mate_s_front-100611850-largeHuawei Mate S with Force Touch

Hauwei has really been making waves in the smartphone market recently. The P8 has launched with a lot of positive reviews and the company is going from strength to strength. Now they have brought force touch technology to the Mate S, beating Apple and other competitors to the punch. Even though it is only available on a subset of the Mate S model it is nice to see this kind of feature rolled out by manufacturers that aren’t as familiar as the Samsung / Apple / HTC regulars.
The 3D Force Touch Technology allows the display on the Huawei Mate S to gauge the amount of pressure you’re applying, and then provide different functions depending on the level of force.

Panasonic-3-rug-970-80Panasonic Audio Rug

Do you live in a very small bachelor flat with barely enough space to fit your flat-screen TV, not to mention adding some decent sound system? Well Panasonic has the answer for you! Easily walking away with the craziest piece of tech at the IFA event thus far, Panasonic introduces its  6.1 audio enabled rug. Yes – a rug with speakers built in.
The rug speaker system isn’t going to impress true audio aficionados but it is an interesting concept and one that I can see being used in homes where space is an issue or for those who don’t want garish speakers messing the decor motif. Although it is still a conceptual design we might just be getting a look at the “surround sound” of the future.

Revo-Build-650-80Acer Revo Build series mini PC

Acer has followed in the footsteps of Project Ara by creating a modular mini PC. The Revo Build series is made up of modular ‘Blocks’ which means that the 125x125mm box can be customised with all manner of different options and the only base components are an Intel Celeron or Pentium chip with Intel HD Graphics and system memory. Now anyone can become a PC builder! The device will launch in the next month and Acer stated that there will be plenty of modules released in due course.
We will be keeping a close eye on the announcements being made at IFA, so stay tuned to get latest news right here on Bandwidth Blog.
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