Microsoft rumoured to be producing two new Surface models

According to a new report out of Taiwan, Microsoft is set to be producing not one but two new Surface tablets for release this October to replace the company’s present flagship laplet, the Pro 3.
The news comes shortly after rumours that the company is additionally preparing a Surface Phone to take the reins as the Windows Phone 10 flagship.
Taiwanese news source Digitimes has reported that Microsoft has begun ordering screens in two different sizes – one at 12″, while the other at a value between 13-14″.
The report further cites that both models will arrive with “high end” hardware – seemingly suggesting that neither model will offer a significantly greater performance than the other.
Presently, the Pro 3 possesses a 12″ screen, while the Pro’s smaller sibling laplet, simply dubbed the Surface, offers a 10″ display.

The present 12″ Surface Pro 3

A 13″ or 14″ Pro would mark the largest entry in Microsoft’s laplet lineup so far, and could potentially represent a reactionary move in the face of Apple’s frequently rumoured 13″ iPad Pro.
Other rumours posit that a new Pro would come equipped with either Intel’s new Skylake processor, or the company’s Core M Broadwell processor.
Arguably, Microsoft’s intention with a larger Pro might simply be to expand the product lineup to compete with Apple’s; the Surface tablet would act as a smaller ‘iPad Mini’ stand-in, while a 12″ Surface Pro and 13″ model could more directly compete with an iPad and iPad Pro, respectively.
While there is no present word on pricing – or if a larger Pro will indeed reach the market – it is expected that Microsoft will unveil the successor to the Pro 3 this October.
What are your thoughts on a larger Surface Pro? Would you be tempted to purchase one over an iPad Pro? Let us know in the comments below!