‘Top Gear’ coming to Netflix as ‘House of Cars’?

Has the BBC made a massive mistake in canning Jeremy Clarkson and shut down Top Gear in all but name? Time will tell, as it is rumoured that the BBC will continue making Top Gear but with three new presenters.
Not only that, but the internet is abuzz with reports that Clarkson, May and Hammond is looking to revive their show (obviously under another name) on another network or broadcasting service.
Speculation has been rife for some time that the leading contender to take that honour would be Netflix, and this week The Mirror has added extra fuel to the fire by reporting that the new show has already been named: House of Cars.
It‘s a great spin on Netflix‘s most successful original series, House of Cards, which is the first show not made by traditional TV companies to win an Emmy Award. Netflix wouldn’t be able to use the BBC’s Top Gear trademark, so it’d need something unique if it really is going to film a new series.
Netflix would hope that just the mention of a new show with the three famed presenter will draw more people to the internet streaming service. Would you pay a Netflix subscription just to watch the three strut their stuff in a new way in House of Cars? Let us know in the comments below.
Source: The Mirror
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