Samsung’s Galaxy S5 launch date ‘revealed’

CES 2014 might be over, but Mobile World Congress (MWC) is almost here. That‘s right, the world‘s largest mobile press show is coming in February, and we can‘t wait. One of the biggest reasons we can‘t wait, it because it is rumoured that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be revealed at the show.
This is an interesting revelation (if true), because Samsung has moved away from revealing their flagship devices at these conferences. The Galaxy S II was the last S-phone launched at MWC in Barcelona, after which the S III landed in London, and the S 4 in New York. It is actually a trend that has flowed over to many manufacturers, copying Apple to reveal their latest and greatest.
But this year might be different, as we can reportedly expect the Galaxy S5 to be revealed at MWC and to be released in April.
What do you think? Would Samsung offer up an exclusive press show with formal invites to release its latest flagship, or would they not dare let the phone get lost in the crowd?
Source: IB Times
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