SA prices for Samsung’s 4K UHD TVs revealed

At CES 2014 last week most of the show‘s attention was on display technology, with dozens of companies displaying their latest creations to the public and press alike. Samsung was one of the stars, as you can imagine, even displaying a magnificent 85-inch bendable display.
That bendable screen is going to make it to market sometime this year, but before that the new flat screen Ultra High Definition (UHD) televisions is being released. These are of course all 4K TVs, with four times the picture quality we have become accustomed to with 1080p screens. It has also been released in South Africa, and the prices are quite steep, as you can imagine.
The smallest of these screens is a 55-inch, and then there is the 65-inch, and finally the giant 85-inch display. The 55-inch UHD will come in at R60,000. The 65-incher will set you back R90,000, while the biggest hit to the pocket will come from the 85-inch UHD TV at a whopping R300,000. While these prices are extremely high, as the technology advances further we can expect the prices to come down very quickly ““ just as they have with all previous forms of display technology.
Here is the full press release:
The arrival of Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV into the South African market is starting a wave of change in what consumers expect from their TV sets, with these immersive displays presenting an even more compelling offering with regards to picture quality.
UHD equates to 4K* resolution which roughly translates to four times more pixels respectively than the current 1080p HD TV content. In fact, current industry predictions suggest that the television industry is likely to use 4K as the standard** – however, with mass adoption of UHD yet to take place, this may yet change.
Hollywood, a leader in pushing ultimate picture quality, has already started filming blockbusters and major TV shows in UHD and this will no doubt gain pace. That said, while TV stations in South Africa are increasingly adopting HD channels and broadcasts, one HD stream on pay TV equals the size of approximately four standard definition channels, so it may be some time before UHD reaches the mass market.
“œWhile pure UHD content may not be available to all consumers currently, innovative ways to upscale content are already being made possible. The Samsung F9000 UHD TV range features the Samsung Quadmatic Picture engine that is able to upscale all content on the fly. This means that irrespective of whether the user is watching standard definition, HD, or full HD content, the engine is able to take the source image, eliminate visual noise, improve the detail and sharpness and turn it into UHD resolution. For those who love watching fantasy or science fiction movies with the latest in special effects, the Samsung F9000 range will turn the living room into their very own Starship Enterprise,“ says Lance Berger, Head of Product Marketing TV/AV at Samsung Electronics South Africa.
“œConsumers who wish to own the latest technology can rest assured that buying a Samsung F9000 UHD TV now will not mean their technology will become outdated in a few years‘ time. Samsung has introduced the Evolution Kit which enables owners to easily upgrade their existing UHD TV models to the agreed global standard, once it becomes available. The Evolution Kit is simply attached to the back of the TV to transform it to the latest version, says Berger.
“œIn addition, hardware enhancements mean that the interactive TV experience has been improved by allowing viewers to enjoy faster speeds while browsing the Internet and multi-task by accessing apps whilst watching TV. In addition, features have also improved as a result, such as Samsung‘s Smart Interaction i.e. voice control and motion control,“ adds Berger. 
“œThe Samsung UHD TV range presents the ability to view entertainment on a whole new level. No longer are there concerns about picture quality – with UHD and the innovative Samsung up-scaling technology, all content becomes an immersive experience,“ concludes Berger.

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